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Test: Acylcarnitine Profile
Comments:Acylcarnitines are analyzed by tandem mass spectrometry. The following 36 acylcarnitines are routinely targeted: C0, C2, C3, C4, C5:1, C5, C4OH, C6, C5OH, C8:1, C8, C3DC, C10:1, C10, C4DC, C5DC, C12, C6DC, HMG, C14:2, C14:1, C14, C8DC, C14:1OH, C14OH, C16:1, C16, C16:1OH, C16OH, C18:2, C18:1, C18, C18:2OH, C18:1OH, C16DC, and C18DC (see lab report for explanation of abbreviations)
Specimen type:Plasma
Sample Requirements:Plasma, ≥1 mL (0.5 mL) from heparinized blood (green top tube) supernatant from clinical centrifugation (within 20 minutes) promptly frozen and shipped frozen (packed with dry ice or lyophilized). Please provide information about carnitine therapy and clinical history to assist with interpretation.
Turnaround time:Routine: 1 week.