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Test: Organic Acids
Comments:Our organic acid analysis is based on a state-of-the-art application of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Identification of metabolites is definitive, and we fully quantify more than 150 compounds. Note that other laboratories may give qualitative results only or report results without mass spectral identification, which can lead to serious misinterpretation. At least 75 organic acids are included in every routine analysis in urine; others are included if detected above the lower limit of quantification. For a much more extensive list of compounds, refer to our laboratory's Metabolomics Services.
Specimen type:Urine, Plasma, CSF
Sample Requirements:Urine, 10-20 mL (minimum 5 mL), frozen without preservatives and shipped frozen (packed with dry ice). Plasma, ≥2 mL (minimum 1.0 mL) from heparinized blood (green top tube) supernatant from clinical centrifugation (within 20 minutes) promptly frozen and shipped frozen (packed with dry ice). Cerebrospinal fluid, ≥2 mL (minimum 1.0 mL)[standard plastic LP tube or transferred to red top tube], frozen and shipped frozen (packed with dry ice).
Turnaround time:Routine: 7-10 working days, Stat: 1-2 days.