UCSD Biochemical Genetics and Metabolomics Laboratory

A Program in the Division of Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, University of California San Diego

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The William L. Nyhan Biochemical Genetics and Metabolomics Laboratory.  Key Personnel:
Medical Staff: (Pictures and CVs stored here) Research Staff:
  Bruce A. Barshop, MD, PhD Director   Jon A. Gangoiti, MS Chief Chemist, Lab Manager
  William L. Nyhan, MD, PhD Founding Director   Ilya Gertsman, PhD Scientific Advisor, Clarus Analytical
  Annette Feigenbaum, MD Medical Biochemical Genetics Laboratory Technical Staff:
  Richard H. Haas, MD Neurometabolic Associate   Wynnona Johnson, MLT Technologistr
  Fred Levine, MD, PhD Metabolic Disease/ Gene Therapy Associate   Hyacinth Padaon, MLT Technologist
  G. Diane Shelton, DVM, PhD Veterinary Pathology Associate   Alexa Campos, MLT Technologist
Clinical Staff:   Laboratory Operations Staff:  
  Rady Children's Hospital Metabolic Service +1-858-576-1700, Operator  Barbara GorseLab Administrator, Client Services
  Denise Young, RN Metabolic Center Nurse, Rady Children's Hospital San Diego  Sandie PuenteAdministrative Assistant
    Susan Allen Administrative Assistant