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Metabolomic Functions:

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Metabolomic Functions

Welcome to Visual Biochemical Genetics.

Explore metabolic pathways, and visualize your biochemical results
You can view our lab's results superimposed on a collection of metabolic pathways, to indicate which metabolites are outside of reference ranges.  We have imported a nearly complete set of pathways from the KEGG collection, and are continually extending local maps to emphasize the compounds we measure on our metabolomics platforms.  We are also working with the UCSD Biomolecular and Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Facility

Old Software:
  • Choose the map:

    Select the map from the listing.
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  • Choose your dataset (optional):

    Select the sample, specifying the UCSD Biochemical Genetics sample number for your data from the list of recent runs.
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  • Visualize the data on the map:

    View the map.
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